Welcome to eSQUARED.

My name is Amy. And I love working with start-ups, dreamers, risk-takers and women who own their own companies. I love what I get to do every day: helping women-owned businesses find their brand, voice, niche and people. I help them do that loudly, boldly, and in an exceptional way. Every day.

If this sounds like something that works for you... let's talk.
I take into consideration all of your business goals, visions, and daydreams - asking you questions that get to the core of how you'd like to be represented in the world.

I wouldn't say I'm a traditional marketer, although I have the corporate-y track record to prove otherwise. I create from the gut, from instinct, from knowing the FOCO Market since birth, and from experience. Whether my plans for you are created on a scratch pad, a white board, cocktail napkin or wherever our brainstorms take place… the ideas we generate together will be based on YOU.

Let's capture the passion behind WHY you went into business in the first place.
You'll get a plan, a loud booming marketing voice, and a visual presence you didn't have before.

Let's do this!
Let's let YOUR light shine and YOUR voice be heard.
Let's be exceptional every day in our work together!

~Amy at e2